Position: cashier

  Career Development: Finance Manager

  Professional knowledge and skills: more than two years of work experience, accounting certificate priority, Kunming account (foreign accounts in Kunming account for security);

  Quality requirements: work enthusiasm, decent, serious work, a strong dedication, occupation, professionalism;

  Education background: college and above culture;

  Gender requirements: Female Age: 35 years of age

  Salary: $ 3,000

  Position: Regional Manager

  Career Development: Marketing Manager

  Professional knowledge and skills: had sales work experience or just graduated from college students, love sales work, good at communicating with people, ready to sell their own ideas. Like to work independently.

  Quality requirements: work with enthusiasm, a sense of responsibility, and actively work hard.

  Education background: secondary school or higher.

  Gender requirements: male or female, age: 20 years old or older.

  Salary: 1800 ~ 2100 yuan, commission plus incentives.

  Contact: Liu Minister

  Tel: 0871-63105894




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