Company Culture


  Eyeing the goals, we are determined, marching forward in steady pace.

  We are full of confidence, because we uphold our belief in responsibility, honor, team, and nation.

  We believe that responsibility is the beginning of all virtues, and honor is our ultimate goal.

  Not only do we produce products, but also service. Quality is personal morality; service has no end.

  It is our tenet to grow hand in hand with customers, progress shoulder to shoulder with employees, and develop together with our nation.

  We are honesty, unrighteous, and respect the dignity of individuals. We trust colleagues. He or she has noble quality; their pursuits transcend personal ambitions, and reach for the ideals of the mass.

  We are grateful to the company’s help and encouragement for us; we are grateful to customers for providing us with opportunities to show our talents; we are grateful to the society for allowing us to know the true meaning of life.

  Work is not the cost of life, but the only way to entrepreneurship and the means of having a healthy personality.

  We believe that a profession is both the mission and responsibility that the society imposes on everyone, and a lofty spiritual realm; professionalism is its original meaning. We work with passion, for it is the source of our happiness.

  We are deeply aware of it that the achievement of success depends on details, and the pursuit of perfection has to start from details.

  Punctuality, courtesy, and humility are the outward manifestation of our excellent talents. We are open-minded, and we keep learning, as we regard learning as something of primary importance.

  Progress depends on the ability of learning. Rational braveness is a virtue. We do not have fear, and we only adhere to the inner faith.

  Business objective: Be visionary, progressive, scientific, steady, cautious, and never be speculative.

  Staff’s code of conduct: Courteous, responsible (sense of responsibility and accountability), hardworking and striving forward.

  Everything must be planned beforehand; to be well-prepared is the only way to fulfill tasks in an effective and efficient way, and the manifestation of ability and wisdom.

  Spiritual Laws:

  1.Employees who have strong motivations, teamwork spirit, and innovative spirit are valuable assets of the company.

  2.There is a kind of wealth called spirit, and there is a kind of nobility called civilization.

  3.A task is the beacon for our daily work. For a boat without the direction of a beacon, the wind from any directions goes against it.

  4.Lofty faith, firm will, and steely discipline.

  5.Make persistence a habit, and determination a success.

  6.Make me better.

  7.Never feel tired of daily chores.

  8.Never be over-concerned for personal interests.

  9.Everything should be centered on the collective, but not oneself.




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