Two departments on the implementation of the national standards for the implementation of fiber to the notice

Two departments on the implementation of the national standards for the implementation of fiber to the notice

  Two departments on the implementation of fiber to the industry to implement the industry standard notice

  In order to comprehensively implement the Outline of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, the Plan for the Development of a Strategic Emerging Industry in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan and the requirements of the State Council on accelerating the construction of broadband China and speed up the construction of fiber- Give full play to the optical broadband network in the economic and social development in the strategic and fundamental role, and comprehensively enhance the level of national information, housing, urban and rural construction has issued a "residential and residential buildings within the fiber to the communication facilities engineering design specifications" and "residential District and residential buildings within the fiber to the communications facilities construction and acceptance of the two "industry standards (hereinafter referred to as fiber to the industry standard), is to implement the relevant requirements of the standard notice as follows:

  First, fully understand the implementation of fiber-to-door industry standards and the importance of necessity

  Implementing the FTTH industry standard and accelerating the construction of fiber to the home is a key factor in accelerating the development of broadband networks and improving the level of broadband infrastructure. It is a national information infrastructure that implements broadband China projects, builds broadband, pervasive, converged and secure. It is an important driving force to change the mode of economic development, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, promote the sustainable development of economy and society and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the country. It is an important driving force to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and promote the deep integration of informationization and industrialization.

  In recent years, the development of broadband network in China has made great progress, broadband network coverage and access capacity gradually increased, but China's broadband development level and the growing demand for the whole society there are more prominent contradictions, compared with the international advanced level still exists A large gap, facing the "slow forward and backward" risk, accelerate the development of broadband is imperative. At present, China's broadband access mainly using asymmetric digital subscriber loop (ADSL) as the representative of the copper broadband technology, upgrading there are inherent technical bottlenecks. To speed up the development of broadband, we must promote technology and network transformation, to achieve fiber to the home. At the same time, there are difficulties in implementing the construction standard in the construction of fiber-to-the-home, and the coordination mechanism of multi-sector management is imperfect, and the responsibility requirements need to be further clarified. It is necessary to formulate policy measures and earnestly implement the relevant provisions of the fiber- Solve the practical problems in the construction of fiber to the home.

  Second, the full implementation of the new residential building fiber to the home

  According to the requirements of fiber-to-household industry standards, since April 1, 2013, in the public telecommunications network has been achieved fiber-optic transmission of the county and above the city, the new residential and residential building communication facilities should be used to build fiber-to- At the same time to encourage and support the conditions of the township, rural areas of new residential and residential buildings to achieve fiber to the home.

  (1) The residential construction unit must synchronize the construction of communication facilities such as communication pipes and underground communication pipes and dark lines in the residential areas, pre-laying the home fiber and reserving equipment, and the investment required to be included in the corresponding construction project budget.

  (2) The communication facilities involved in the construction of new residential areas and residential buildings, such as optical fiber and equipment between buildings, shall meet the needs of many telecom operators and share the right of users to choose freely.

  (3) The design unit shall carry out the design and design of the residential and residential building communication facilities in accordance with the requirements of the fiber-to-the-industry industry standard and the contract. The design document review organization shall review the content of the fiber-to-household industry standard. Housing urban and rural construction, planning authorities in the issuance of construction planning permits, construction permits, should be strictly in accordance with the statutory duties.

  (4) The residential construction unit shall organize the acceptance of the fiber-to-the-home communication facilities and record the acceptance documents to the competent communications department of the locality. Local communications industry departments and communications engineering quality supervision agencies should conscientiously perform their duties, strict quality control, strengthen the quality of fiber to the project supervision and management. Optical fiber to the home communication facilities are not required to accept or acceptance of substandard, not access to public telecommunications network.

  Third, accelerate the transformation of existing residential building fiber to home

  Existing residential building fiber to home transformation is the full realization of fiber to the home of the difficulties, the units should refer to the fiber to the industry standard, accelerate the existing residential buildings to gradually implement fiber to home transformation.

  (A) around the housing urban and rural construction, the communications industry authorities to increase the existing residential and residential building communications facilities to share the resources of the regulatory efforts to block the normal fiber to the transformation of the behavior to be corrected, and effectively solve the fiber to home transformation Difficulty in admission.

  (B) around the communications industry authorities to strengthen the guidance of telecom operators, and actively organize the preparation of fiber to the transformation of the implementation plan.

  (C) residential construction units, property services companies to actively support the transformation of fiber to the home, to facilitate the transformation of fiber to home conditions. Shall not enter into a monopoly agreement with any enterprise, shall not restrict the equal access and use of telecom operators, and shall not restrict the user's choice in any way.

  Fourth, the effective implementation of the safeguards

  All localities and departments concerned should take the implementation of fiber-to-household industry standards as an opportunity to strengthen the organization and leadership, close coordination and effective implementation of the safeguards.

  (A) unified thinking. The relevant units should unify their thinking, from the social concerns, the masses concerned about the people's livelihood, practice the scientific concept of development, building a socialist harmonious society a profound understanding of the implementation of fiber-to-industry industry standards, and further enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and A sense of urgency, to accelerate the construction of fiber to the home.

  (B) to increase publicity efforts. The relevant units to actively organize science and policy and publicity activities to enhance public awareness of fiber to the home, for the community to understand and support a wide range of understanding and create a favorable environment for the construction.

  (C) do publicity training. The competent departments of urban and rural construction and communication industry should organize timely propaganda training on project quality supervision, construction drawing review, telecom operation, design, construction and supervision, and help relevant enterprises to accurately understand and master the relevant provisions of the standards. Successful implementation.

  (4) strengthen supervision and management. Around the housing urban and rural construction, communications industry departments to increase coordination efforts to organize the implementation of fiber to the industry standards of supervision and inspection, strengthen the supervision and management of the relevant units.

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