Fiber optic cable era HD transmission monitoring is no longer a dream

Fiber optic cable era HD transmission monitoring is no longer a dream

  According to the Ministry of Industry statistics, the first six months of 2014 China's new fiber optic cable lines 1.386 million km, the total length of fiber optic cable lines reached 18.838 million km, an increase of 18.1% in recent years, fiber optic cable industry in the 4G network driven by rapid development. The rapid development of optical fiber communication technology, but also makes the optical fiber network HD transmission high-definition transmission monitoring system cost significantly reduced, so fiber and optical transceiver in the high-definition transmission monitoring system in the use of more and more. Fiber has been widely used in home fiber and unit access network, in the home intelligent, office automation, industrial control network HD transmitter, car airborne and military communications network and other areas. In this regard, some experts said that for the network high-definition transmission bandwidth, high-definition network transmission interval high demand for high-definition video signal stack device flow, fiber age, complete HD transmission monitoring is no longer a dream.

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