Company management system

Kunming Kunbao Wire and Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Administrative Management System Document [Kunbao XZGL (2014) Zi No. 002 Document] Issuance: Office Management System In order to strengthen management, standardize work behavior, improve work quality and work efficiency, strengthen internal quality, external The tree image, specially formulated this "Office Management System": 1. The office staff should do a good job in the cleanliness of the office, keep the office clean, tidy and bright, and place office items, supplies and materials in a neat, standardized and orderly manner. Clear and clear. Discarded paper, articles, and sundries should be stored or crushed and placed in the trash can; 2. Keep the office quiet and elegant, and focus, devote, and concentrate on office work; 3. Do not chat, brag, eat snacks or Chat online, talk about things unrelated to your job, browse unrelated websites and play games, and it is strictly forbidden to make loud noises, noises, fights, and play; 5. When making and answering office calls, you must be disciplined in your words and deeds, pay attention to etiquette, use polite words, and give the other party a good feeling and image; 6. The office must prepare "Customer" Call and Visit Record Form", important or urgent information and matters must be communicated, requested and reported to the superior supervisor or the relevant person in charge in a timely manner; 7. The documents and materials of the respective offices should be classified, archived, bound, neatly displayed, marked, and available. Catalogs and numbers are required. According to personnel changes and company development, relevant archives and materials must be continuously updated and improved. There must be records for borrowing, returning, receiving and distributing; 8. Office equipment, facilities, items, and supplies must have property numbers. and registered, and managed by the office supervisor. The staff must know how to use it correctly (if necessary, the full-time management and maintenance personnel will organize training on operation and use), otherwise the damage caused by improper operation and use shall be compensated by the party concerned. If there is a change of office supervisor, a handover signature is required; 9. Office personnel must highly consciously abide by various management systems and work and rest time and attendance time. Organizational discipline, no rigorous and efficient state; 10. Office staff must effectively establish their own work ledger, manage the ledger, and keep a good work log, so as to be rigorous, diligent, self-disciplined, efficient, and constantly learn, summarize, improve, and innovate ; 11. Office staff must maintain a good mental outlook and working state every day, and must not bring messy thoughts and bad emotions outside of work to work to affect their work quality and work efficiency. Troubled, unsatisfactory, unhappy, contradictory and depressed, you should do a good job of self-regulation or take the initiative to find colleagues, find leaders to speak frankly, communicate and solve, and it is strictly forbidden to create a discordant atmosphere in the office or internal conflicts in the office and other contradictory factors; 12. Go out to work in the office Or to handle business, you must leave a message on the message board or inform the relevant supervisors, and when necessary, you must fill out the "Employee Outbound Business Handling Signing Report". When leaving the office or the last person to leave the office after get off work, turn off the power switches, door and window locks of various power-on equipment in the office, and pay attention to the safety of the office; 13. Be ready at any time and actively accept the relevant supervisors and superior leaders to the office. Job inspections and job instructions. This system has been implemented since April 1, 2014. We hope that the relevant staff of each office will conscientiously abide by and implement it. If there is any violation, once the inspection is found, depending on the specific situation or the seriousness of the circumstances, a collective or individual punishment of 20-100 yuan will be imposed. It is deducted from the salary of the current month. April 1, 2014 Submitted to: General Manager, Chairman CC: All relevant departments of the company will implement it!