Promotion and application of energy-saving aluminum alloy power cables in Suzhou

  Suzhou Municipal Housing and Construction Committee News Aluminum alloy power cable is a power cable made of alloy materials formed by adding iron, rare earth and other elements to aluminum and annealed. It has been successfully used in North America for more than 30 years. It is an advanced and mature power cable. technology and products. The product has been promoted and applied in Suzhou City.

  Compared with traditional copper cables, aluminum alloy power cables have the same safety performance and electrical performance as copper cables, and their installation performance is better than copper. At the same time, aluminum alloy power cables have great advantages in price. The weight of the cable reduces the building structure, reduces the cost of installation and transportation, and at the same time reduces the overall cost of the project, which is more in line with the spirit of building a conservation-minded society.

  On the day when my country's urbanization construction and urban and rural power grid transformation are accelerating, when copper resources are gradually exhausted and the demand for cables continues to increase, the use of new aluminum alloy aluminum power cables can save a lot of construction funds every year. The country will have an immeasurable impact.

  The Ministry of Housing and Construction, the State Grid, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Fire Protection Administration and other departments have widely recognized the use of this new technology in my country. After testing by relevant state departments, the safety performance, electrical performance and mechanical performance of aluminum alloy power cables of 35 kV and below all meet the requirements of national standards, and are gradually being used in power engineering in my country.

  Suzhou Municipal Housing and Construction Commission requires that aluminum alloy power cables should be widely used in various construction projects, and requires relevant units: First, to improve the understanding of the use of aluminum alloy power cables, this work is in line with the scientific development concept advocated by the state, energy saving and environmental protection industrial policy It is required to support, encourage and widely use aluminum alloy power cables in urban construction projects. Second, the design, construction, quality inspection, use and other units should do their own work and use them widely in engineering construction. The third is that manufacturers should increase product publicity, improve product quality, improve various services, ensure safe and reliable operation of power projects, and make efforts to create a conservation-oriented society.