The State Council strictly investigates the Xi'an subway cable case and the investigation team responds to the focus issues

  On June 8, after the "problem cable" incident of Xi'an Metro was exposed, relevant departments of the State Council quickly formed a joint investigation team to investigate and deal with it. After investigation, this is a serious case of illegal production and sale of fake and shoddy products by an enterprise. It is an illegal case of internal and external collusion, procurement and use of fake and shoddy products by relevant units and personnel. Cases of violation of laws and disciplines by cadres in violation of integrity and discipline, dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty.

  The State Council instructed the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government to make an in-depth written inspection to the State Council, and the State Council notified the criticism. Shaanxi Province has arrested 8 suspects from illegal production enterprises involved in the case, and has held accountable 122 responsible persons from functional departments, including 16 department-level officials and 58 department-level cadres. 19 persons involved in the construction unit have been put on file for investigation.

  ——Focus 1: How did the companies involved let inferior products enter the Xi'an Metro Project?

  In March this year, the Xi'an Metro was found to be using substandard cables, posing a serious safety hazard.

  After the "problem cable" was exposed, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Supervision, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Transport, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Administration of Safety Supervision, the Railway Administration, and the national crackdown The Office of the Leading Group for Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights and the Production and Sale of Fake and Shoddy Commodities and other departments formed a joint investigation team of the "problem cable" department of Xi'an Metro.

  According to the investigation by the joint investigation team, Shaanxi Aokai Cable Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the "problem cable", has a registered capital of 156.8 million yuan and a paid-in capital of 30.4 million yuan after 6 changes. Its legal representative is Wang Zhiwei.

  The investigation report disclosed the illegal and criminal problems of Okay Company:

  One is bribery and collusion in cable procurement bidding. Its main means is to pay bribes to engineering units and construction units.

  Wang Zhiwei is suspected of giving gifts and bribes to the staff of Xi'an Metro Co., Ltd., namely Xi'an Metro Company and related construction units. Relevant personnel take advantage of the influence of their positions and the convenience of their work to "say hello" and provide convenience.

  The second is to cut corners and shoddy after winning the bid at a low price. Wang Zhiwei and others confessed when interrogated by the public security organs that if the qualified products are produced at the price of the winning contract, all losses will be incurred. Therefore, measures such as thinning the inner core of the cable to "slim down" are adopted to reduce costs to ensure profitability. The investigation by the public security organs found that Okay marked the "code" of product specifications on the production task list, and produced defective products. For example, the product marked with "A-5" indicates that the cross-sectional area of ​​the inner core is actually 95% of the standard, "B" indicates that the cross-sectional area is actually 90% of the standard, and "C" indicates that the cross-sectional area of ​​the product is actually the standard. 85%.

  The third is fraud in the product inspection process. In order to evade supervision, Okay Company cheated in three aspects: self-inspection of the enterprise, third-party inspection requested by the owner, and sampling inspection of the construction unit. Some construction and supervision personnel colluded with each other, tipped off, took samples, sent samples for inspection, and received inspection reports in violation of regulations.

  ——Focus 2: Why did the construction and supervision unit release the "problem cable"?

  Black-hearted enterprises recklessly violate laws and regulations, and some staff in the construction and supervision units responsible for quality and safety also accept the property of Okay Company, and the lack of management allows the "problem cable" to go straight.

  According to the investigation of the joint investigation team, the construction unit did not strictly implement the relevant management measures in the process of material acceptance and acceptance; in the process of material inspection, Okay Company was allowed to take samples, send samples and obtain reports by itself. Some personnel also accepted money and goods from Okay Company to facilitate the entry of "problem cables" produced by Okay Company into the project in the process of material bidding and procurement. For example, Tang, the project manager of the construction unit, and Fei, the minister of materials, have provided assistance to Wang Zhiwei for many times in the procurement of materials and received benefits.

  The supervision unit not only violated the regulations and acquiesced to Okay Company to take samples, send samples and take reports, but also failed to notify the construction unit in time after discovering the unqualified inspection report, did not expand the scope of inspection, and gave qualified certificates to the projects using "problem cables". Opinions, in unison. Some staff members of the supervision unit also accepted Okay's shopping cards and property.

  ——Focus 3: Why did the government and regulatory authorities fall in layers?

  The investigation report stated that government functional departments were negligent in supervision, some cadres were negligent in their duties, and many security barriers were breached. The industry and commerce department "stealed the beam and replaced the column" in violation of regulations in the identification of famous trademarks, the quality supervision department violated the law, imposed fines on escrow, and did not report in a timely manner.

  Shaanxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce "stealed and replaced pillars" in the process of examining and approving famous trademarks of enterprises. According to the regulations, the famous trademark of Shaanxi Province must be used for three years from the date of approval and registration. It was approved by the General Administration, but the application was filed in 2015. Shaanxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce used "Xi'an Aokai Cable Co., Ltd." established in 2010 for review, and changed the name to "Shaanxi Aokai Cable Co., Ltd." when issuing the certificate. After such illegal operations, the "Five Wins" trademark was recognized as a famous trademark in Shaanxi Province in violation of regulations.

  The Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision is ineffective in supervision and supervision. Some leading cadres of subordinate units accept Okay's shopping cards, and some staff illegally collect testing fees. The Xi'an Quality Supervision Bureau has conducted law enforcement inspections on the cable products of Aokay Company used in Xi'an Metro Line 3 four times. Among them, three batches were found to be unqualified, and they were only dealt with as administrative penalties, but they were not transferred to the judicial organs for processing as required. Five cadres and employees, including Cui Mou from the Inspection Team of Xi'an Quality Supervision Bureau, received money and goods, dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty. On February 22, 2016, the Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision imposed an administrative penalty on Okay to stop sales and impose a fine, but it was not disclosed in a timely manner.

  The Xi'an Municipal Government did not perform its duties properly, neglected the supervision of the Municipal Metro Office, the Municipal Construction Committee, and the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, and individual personnel were suspected of violating integrity discipline and national laws and regulations. Xi'an Municipal Construction Committee, as the competent administrative department of construction, after receiving the report on the "problem cable" of Okay Company, it just forwarded it layer by layer and did not take the initiative to perform inspections. As the owner, the Xi'an Metro Office, which is responsible for the construction, operation management and resource development and management of the Xi'an urban rapid rail transit system, not only did not formulate relevant systems and measures such as management methods for key equipment and materials, but individual staff also received money and materials from Okay Company. In the bidding and procurement, the convenience of the position is used to provide convenience for Okay Company's "problem cable" to enter the project.

  ——Focus 4: How to fundamentally manage the "problem cable"?

  In order to fundamentally rectify the "problem cables", the joint investigation team suggested that: first, thoroughly check the "problem cables", comprehensively check the "problem cables" in the warehouse, in use and procurement contracts, and check them one by one. If it is found that it is in the warehouse, it will be immediately sealed, and the construction will be stopped first and then dealt with, and the procurement contract has been concluded immediately. For products that have been put into use, carry out testing and risk assessment, and for products with potential safety hazards, actively rectify and resolutely replace them on the premise of ensuring the safety of project operation. It is understood that the dismantling of the "problem cable" of related projects is underway.

  Secondly, the relevant departments shall study and improve the bidding management and procurement system for key equipment and materials, promptly revise the laws, regulations and supporting documents on bidding, equipment and materials procurement, etc. Comprehensive evaluation of various factors such as , service, brand and price.

  Third, fully implement the various work requirements of the reform of "delegating power, delegating power, regulating services" and accelerating the establishment and improvement of systems such as huge punitive compensation and joint punishment for dishonesty. Fully implement the "double random, one open" supervision, strengthen the joint supervision of departments, promote the exchange and sharing of enterprise-related information between departments and regions, disclose bad information in a timely manner, and improve the efficiency and level of supervision.