Daliang wire and cable special rectification: 6 cable companies in the jurisdiction have been investigated

       In order to severely crack down on the quality violations of wire and cable manufacturers, and improve the quality of enterprise products. Recently, the Daliang Municipal Supervision Bureau has carried out special rectification and inspection of wires and cables. At present, a total of 6 wire and cable manufacturers in the jurisdiction have been inspected.



  It is understood that the Daliang Municipal Supervision Bureau carried out a comprehensive inspection of wire and cable manufacturers. Focus on checking whether the enterprise has obtained a production license and compulsory product certification, whether the quality assurance system and quality management are perfect, whether the quality control of key raw materials and production processes is in place, whether unqualified raw materials are used, and whether the finished products are affixed with qualified marks according to regulations, Whether the information stated in the conformity mark is consistent with the actual product, whether there are illegal acts such as cutting corners during the production process, whether the production site, necessary production equipment, inspection equipment, etc. of the enterprise meet the requirements of the production license and compulsory certification, etc.​​

  In addition, strengthen legal publicity. Law enforcement officers publicized and implemented the "Quality Law", "Regulations on the Administration of Compulsory Product Certification", "Regulations on the Administration of Production Licenses" and other laws and regulations to the responsible persons of the wire and cable production enterprises, requiring the responsible persons to deeply learn the lessons of the cable incident in Xi'an Metro, and urge Do a good job in production, ensure quality continuity, further improve the quality supervision mechanism of wire and cable products, improve management capabilities, and standardize the production order of enterprises.

  The quality of wire and cable products is related to the personal and property safety of the people. The Daliang Municipal Supervision Bureau stated that they will continue to strengthen market supervision and increase inspection efforts to further purify the wire and cable production and sales market.