The history of the development of wire and cable in the world

In 500 BC, Greeks discovered triboelectricity.
In 1200, the Renaissance in Italy spread to the whole of Europe, and modern natural science emerged. 
In 1752, the American scientist Franklin invented the lightning rod and grounded it with a wire, and since then the wire has been applied.
In 1826, the German physicist Ohm discovered Ohm's law and determined the electrical conductivity of metals.
In 1851, Britain laid a submarine cable across the English Channel. Since then, European and American countries have developed
In 1879, Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, made the jute pitch insulated power cable, and laid it in New York.
In 1927, the United States first invented PVC insulation. During World War II, in order to find a substitute for rubber, a strategic material, Germany developed a large number of PVC cables.
In 1952, irradiated cross-linked polyethylene was used to manufacture wires; chemical cross-linking method and silane cross-linking method were invented successively; 500kV cross-linked power cable was developed in Japan and opened in Tokyo.
In 1995, AMSC built the first 30m long HTS cable line.
In 1871, the British Dadong Company laid a Gutabo rubber insulated submarine cable between Shanghai, China and Nagasaki, Japan.
In 1936, Yunnan Kunming Cable Factory was established, and the first cable in China was produced in the same year.
In 1983, the 500kV oil-filled cable and accessories were jointly developed by the Shanghai Cable and Cable Research Institute and the Shanghai Cable Research Institute, which have been connected to the grid and have been in operation until now.
Since the 1970s, my country has begun to produce cross-linked cables, mainly: Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin and Xiangtan cable factories.
In 1993, China Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. contracted Karachi 132kV oil-filled cable line for the first time abroad.
In 2004, the 30m, 35kV, 2kA high-temperature superconducting cable developed by Beijing Inner Superconducting Technology Co., Ltd. was put into trial operation in Yunnan Puji Substation.

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