Classification of power cables

1 PVC insulated cable The conductor structure of the large-sized cable is generally fan-shaped, and the rated working temperature of the thermoplastic cable: 70℃
Representative product model: VV VLV VY VV22 VLV22 VV23 VV32 VV33 VV42 VV43 etc.
2 XLPE insulated cable Thermosetting cable Rated working temperature: 90℃
The working temperature and short-circuit working temperature are greatly improved: the working temperature rises from 70 to
90 ℃ short-circuit operating temperature (5 seconds) rises from 160 to 250 ℃
For low-voltage cables, fan-shaped conductors are mainly used, and for medium and high-voltage cable conductors, circular conductors are used. The highest voltage level is: 220kV
Representative product model: YJV YJLV YJY YJV22 YJLV22 YJV23
YJV32 YJV33 YJV42 YJV43 etc.
3 Natural styrene-butadiene rubber insulated cables are used in rare occasions, the main models are XLQ XQ XQ21 XQ20 XV XV22
4 The viscous oil-paper insulated cable is less used at present and will be phased out soon
5 Oil-filled cables are still the main variety of high-voltage cables, especially ultra-high-voltage cables
6 Overhead insulated cables are mostly used for single cores, 3-4 cores are twisted into bundles called bundled cables