Exciting activities at the New Year's party

  After the meeting agenda, the company held a grand gathering.

  There is a tug-of-war competition, which is divided into 4 pairs of pairs. It was Assistant Lu who came out on top after a brutal elimination.

  Next is the balloon clipping competition. This event is a 50-meter round trip between two people back-to-back with a balloon in the middle. You cannot use your hands to assist on the way. If the balloon falls on the ground, clip it in place and continue to move forward.

  There is also a weight-bearing race. Each pair of people holds a circle of BVR-6 insulated wires for a 50-meter round trip. The team that finishes the race first is the winner.

  The last and most exciting balloon-stomping competition is that each pair has 3 people, each person has two balloons tied to their left or right feet, and the two teams compete first to finish the balloons on each other's feet (while their own feet The balloon must be intact) to win.