Domestic cable insulation field repair technology is the first success

On February 25th, State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company successfully used the cable insulation field repair technology for the first time in Luzhou 220kV Linzhuang Substation, and achieved on-site insulation repair for 10kV running cables, marking the great achievement of my country's power grid cable insulation field repair technology. The breakthrough provides technical support for solving the problem of insulation aging of urban distribution network cables in the future.

In this cable repair technology, the silicone repair solution is injected into the cable core of the high-voltage cable under pressure, so that the repair solution chemically reacts with water, and the generated silicone resin material fills the gap of the water tree of the cable, thereby eliminating water trees and water trees. The function of repairing cable insulation and prolonging cable life is the first time that this technology is used in China.