LS Cables Unveils Korea's First Validated Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Transmission System Model

Recently, LS Cable announced that it has completed the development of the magnetic resonance wireless transmission system and exhibited the first verified model in Korea.

Magnetic resonance wireless charging is the principle of inducing the receiving coil to generate a certain magnetic field and resonating with the transmitting coil. That is to say, similar to the sound produced when two tuning forks resonate with each other, by setting the wavelength, the two copper coils resonate in the same magnetic field and send electricity. In this system, the transmitting and receiving parts each contain a resonator that resonates at the transmission frequency, and high-efficiency transmission can only be achieved when the frequencies of the two resonators are the same, so the LS cable indicates that this technology requires a high level of technical ability to complete.

This method is more advanced than the electromagnetic sensing method currently widely used in IT machinery or electric toothbrushes, and can realize wireless power transmission within a maximum range of 2m. LS Cable used this technology to successfully launch TVs and LED lights. In addition, the advent of this system has further promoted the research and development of microwave long-distance wireless power transmission technology.

LS Cable expects that with the popularity of portable IT products such as smartphones and the advent of various household appliances such as household smart vacuum cleaners, the demand for wireless power transmission in public buildings and residential buildings will inevitably increase. General Manager Kim Hyung-won, Minister of Equipment Business, said, "The successful development of this system means that the business field of LS Cable will open a new chapter. In the future, we will launch a major attack on the built-in market such as apartments and public buildings."

As early as last year, LS Cable has launched a wireless charger for smartphones using the electromagnetic sensing method, which has attracted widespread attention. At present, the development of notebooks, tablet computers, and vehicle-mounted wireless chargers has been completed, and it is preparing to enter overseas markets such as the United States and China. According to the data provided by the research company HIS, the wireless power transmission market will show a huge growth trend of 23.7 billion US dollars in 2015.

LS Cable is the first to introduce a magnetic resonance wireless power transmission system that can realize wireless power transmission within a maximum range of 2m. LS Cable employees are demonstrating the process of starting TVs and smartphones with a magnetic resonance wireless power transmission system.