Shangshang Cable successfully trial-produced 220kV ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable

A few days ago, good news came from the ultra-high voltage cable branch of Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group. The company's ultra-high voltage project has made a major breakthrough again. It has reached a new level in the field of domestic ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable production.

220kV ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable is a cable product with a higher voltage level in China. It is mainly used in medium and long-distance power transmission, hydropower stations, pumped storage power stations, urban and rural power grid construction and other fields. It can improve the transmission capacity of transmission and distribution lines and reduce loss. The successful trial production of 220kV ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable can further improve the product process, and at the same time test the production capacity of the equipment, and play a positive role in improving the company's market reputation and building a brand.

As one of the major technological transformation projects of Shangshang Group during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the ultra-high voltage cable project has invested hundreds of millions of yuan successively. Among them, the tower is 148 meters high, adopts the world's most advanced design of one tower and four lines, and has built the world's first modern integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) for the cable industry. The key equipment is imported from abroad. The successful trial production of 220kV ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable has laid a solid foundation for the production capacity and technology improvement of Shangshang ultra-high voltage cable, and provided a guarantee for the further development of 500kV cross-linked cable. In the future, Shangshang will repay customers' trust and support with better UHV product quality and service.