LS Cable successfully developed air-compressed optical composite cable

Recently, LS Cable said that it has successfully developed a new type of air-compressed optical composite cable that combines power and communication for smart grid and communication network construction, and successfully obtained overseas orders. This time, after LS Cable successfully developed 12/20kV air-compressed optical composite cables for power distribution, it signed a supply agreement worth 10 million US dollars with the Australian Electricity Authority.

The biggest feature of this product is that it is different from the previous optical composite cable, and adopts the air pressure setting method. This method is a new concept installation method in which a sleeve with a diameter of 3 to 5mm is set inside the cable and then the optical fiber is squeezed in by high-pressure air. The original optical composite cable can combine up to 16 cores, but this method can combine up to 144 optical cable cores. Therefore, it can meet the different needs of customers in the construction of various power networks and communication networks, and the expansion is very large. In addition, the double structure of plastic sleeve and jacket protects the cable, thus greatly reducing the possibility of product damage. And when replacing, you only need to use air pressure to replace the internal cable. This in turn will reduce operating and investment costs. At the same time, it can also use the optical cable to measure the temperature of the power cable and monitor the abnormal situation in real time.

Director Lee Hsien-sang, head of the overseas sales department of LS Cable & Power, said, "In the next five years, the company will target domestic and foreign power companies that want to replace the existing power grid and build a new smart grid, as well as provide consumers with a residence that is more in line with the new lifestyle. environment, and the tireless international construction company launched a series of marketing activities aimed at generating 40 million US dollars in sales".