The difference between marketing and sales, cable people who understand it will earn an extra 100 million!

The difference between marketing and sales

(1) The sale is to shoot a duck. A duck that can't sit still, if it doesn't shoot accurately, the duck may fly; marketing is to sprinkle corn on the ground, lead the duck over, and then stick the duck's paw with glue;

(2) Sales is to shoot static individual targets; marketing is to cultivate a dynamic overall atmosphere, and see not only one customer, but the customers of the entire market!

(3) The marketing station has a higher perspective and looks at the overall situation; the sales perspective is closer, focusing on solving the problem of actual sales on the front line.

Second, the difference between a salesperson, a sales manager, and a sales director

(1) Salesperson: Know what to do today, at most what to do in the next few months.

(2) Sales manager: know what to do this month, at most what to do this year;

(3) Sales director: know what to do this year, at most know what to do next year and the year after. The more you know about the future, the more you can prepare for it in advance. Cooperative generation, development generation, reserve generation, this is sales.

3. "Soldiers, Generals, Handsome" in the Marketing Team

(1) Soldiers: The low-level soldiers only talk about products when they meet customers, which is sales; the ordinary soldiers mainly talk about products, supplemented by life, and it is sales; marketing;

(2) Will: mainly communicate with customers in career and life, also as teachers and friends, it is relationship marketing;

(3) Handsome: Communicating with customers the outlook on life and values, being able to respect customers, and feeling grateful for customers, this is marketing.

4. 7 Habits of Top Salespeople

(1) Do not speak harsh words;

(2) Keep in mind the customer's name and develop the habit of looking at member files;

(3) Try to associate with people you hate;

(4) must respect the privacy of customers;

(5) When many people are together, when you talk to one of them, please do not ignore the existence of others;

(6) Have the courage to admit mistakes and treat others with integrity;

(7) Face everyone around you with humility.

7. 7 Key Capabilities for Successful Selling

(1) Study learning ability;

(2) Understand the ability to observe and understand;

(3) Communicate communication skills;

(4) Confidence firm belief;

(5) Ethics moral ability;

(6) Selection selection;

(7) Solid Result performance capability.

8. 5 types of salespeople whose performance has soared

(1) Mentor type: a leader who relies on wisdom to eat;

(2) Fighter type: likes to talk, good at diplomacy, likes to fight side by side with sales;

(3) Police officer type: have extremely high loyalty;

(4) Self-confidence: there is no "impossible";

(5) Hands-on type: have a strong sense of responsibility.

Nine, the three realms of sales

(1) Surrounding people: able to surround customers and stalk them, and initially have the ability to approach customers and recommend purchases;

(2) Uyghur people: to establish long-term and stable relationships, not a simple business relationship, but a friendship and partnership;