3.26 List of copper futures market - copper prices remain low to maintain stability

In the night session, London copper stabilized at 6,320 USD/ton and fluctuated slightly, reaching a low of 6,300 USD/ton. The bulls of London copper were active. 304 lots to 289,000 lots. The main domestic Shanghai copper contract opened at 48,210 yuan/ton in 1905. Guided by the external market, it fell to about 48,100 yuan/ton, and dropped to 48,150 yuan/ton during the session. Short positions were lightened. The copper price probed to 48,380 yuan/ton and closed at 48350 yuan / ton. The trading volume was 91,374 lots, and the positions decreased by 6,000 lots to 600,000 lots. At present, the London copper fell to the 40-day moving average, while the Shanghai copper lost the support of the moving average, and the technical surface was slightly weak. It is expected that the discount for copper in the next month is 20 to 0 yuan per ton, and the premium of good copper is 120 to 150 yuan per ton. It is expected that London copper is 6,300 US dollars / ton today, Shanghai copper is 48,200-48,700 yuan / ton, and the spot premium is 95.