Wire and cable for electrical equipment

  Wires and cables used to directly transmit electrical energy from the distribution point of the power system to the power supply connection lines of various electrical equipment and appliances, and electrical installation wires and control signal wires and cables in various industrial and agricultural equipment belong to this category of products. This type of product is the most widely used and has the largest variety, and most of them need to combine the characteristics of the equipment used and the environmental conditions used to determine the structure and performance of the product. Therefore, in addition to a large number of general products, there are also many special boxes. Special products. Such products include general-purpose insulated wires, installation wires, general-purpose mobile rubber-sheathed flexible cables, control box signal wires and cables, special wires for aircraft, automobiles, and tractors, electrical and electrical leads, rolling stock wires and cables, and radio devices. Wires, mining cables, marine wires and cables, agricultural wires and cables, oil mines and detection cables, wires and cables for field work, flexible cables for various high-voltage DC equipment and other series of products.

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