Repair cable internal fault

Remove moisture from the inside of the cable. When the cable near the joint or the cable is damp less than 3m, the lead sleeve can be longitudinally cut. After removing the moisture by the above method, use the longitudinally cut lead sleeve or a lead sleeve larger than the outer diameter of the cable lead sleeve to wrap it. Re-sealing. If the wet core wire exceeds 3m. Then reconnect this section of the cable.

Reconnect the cable Prepare a new cable whose length should be longer than the cable to be removed for reconnection. Before changing the connection, the old and new cable cores must be numbered and paired one by one, so as to avoid wrong connection and audio communication. The two sides first match the new cable pair, and then match the same number wire pair of the old cable (use cable). When the user is not talking, the old pair is cut off at the same time after the two parties are connected, and the new cable pair that has been paired is connected. The rest of the core wires are connected in this order. Generally, after every 5-15 pairs of reconnection, the measurement room should be notified for testing. If it is confirmed that the reconnection is correct, the reconnection can be continued until the reconnection is completed. After the connection is made, the welded joint is sealed.