The cable has been in service for 30 years and faults frequently occur. Yangzhou rectifier station has been renovated for 83 days to ensure power supply

  Because the original cable has been in service for nearly 30 years, and cable failures occur frequently, the DC cable repair and maintenance project of the Yangzhou rectifier station for buses and trams has been specially launched for this purpose. The project was recently completed acceptance.

  It is reported that the power supply cables of the Yangzhou rectifier station of the bus and tram involve the power transmission of No. 22, No. 25 and No. 28 of the bus and tram. The original cables have been in service for nearly 30 years. Great danger.


  After 83 days of intense construction, all construction tasks have been completed. During the project construction process, the supervisors of Yangzhou Traffic Safety and Quality Supervision Station strengthened the process control and supervised the implementation of the management responsibilities of all parties through the modes of supervision and notification, daily supervision and other management methods. , to supervise and service the smooth completion of the project.


  The completion of this project is conducive to the steady development of trolleybuses, and at the same time reduces cable failures caused by the aging of power supply cables, improves the quality of power supply, and ensures the normal operation of trams.