The first single-core cable suitable for underground FTTH cabling comes out

  Japan's Asahi Shimbun news: Sumitomo Electric has developed a cable for household optical fiber communication lines suitable for underground wiring. In order to make the urban environment more beautiful and tourist attractions more attractive, cable grounding works are becoming more and more important, and underground wiring is also receiving increasing attention. At the same time, it is more and more important to improve work efficiency, shorten the working time of core wire extraction by 60%, and improve work efficiency.

  The single-core optical fiber cable for underground FTTH developed by Sumitomo Electric is composed of bundled optical fibers with a diameter of 0.5 mm. There are three types of "40-core cable ducts" with competitive price, 40-core cable ducts and 100-core cable ducts for use in cold regions. No matter how the optical fiber is bent, the loss is relatively small, and the diameter of the cable is reduced.

  This cable enables single-core transmission and prevents shunt losses from occurring. Reconsider the tape shape of the bundle core for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The operation time of removing the ribbon from the slot has been shortened by 60%, which improves the work efficiency.

  Bringing fiber into a home through an underground cable requires removing the ribbon from the slot and removing the coating. There will be a maximum of 3 shunt losses in this project. According to the company, this is the first single-core cable suitable for underground FTTH wiring.