Position Career Development Job Basic Requirements Salary
Assistant General Manager of Sales


1.Years of experience in wire and cable sales;

2.Can drive, gender is not limited;          

3.Familiar with computer operation and office software;

4.Hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication skills and pressure resistance;

3-month internship period, regularization 6000-8000
salesman regional manager

1.Professional knowledge and skills: College students who have experience in sales or who have just graduated, love sales work, are good at communicating with others, and are ready to sell their ideas. Like to work independently.

2.Quality requirements: work enthusiasm, sense of responsibility, active and willing to work.

3.Educational background: Secondary school or above.

4.Gender requirements: male or female, age: 20 years old and above.

sales office Sales Assistant

1.College degree or above, those who have worked in the wire and cable industry are preferred.

2.Strong interpersonal skills, business development skills and stress resistance.

3.Have strong professionalism, sense of responsibility, communication and coordination ability, pressure resistance ability, driving force and execution ability.

4.Quick thinking, careful logic, good at solving complex problems through rigorous analysis and judgment;

5.Solid writing skills, with strong oral and written expression skills.

3-4.5 thousand yuan/month


Foreign trade sales foreign trade manager

1.About three years of overseas trade experience, proficient in English and the minor languages of nearby countries;

2.Dedicated, hard-working, responsible, united with colleagues, respectful of leaders, and have a sense of collective honor;

3.Firm political stance, good ideological quality, good health, free from infectious diseases and major diseases.

200-300,000 yuan/year
Strander, wire drawer, cable maker, extruder, wire coiler


1.Junior high school or above, engaged in wire and cable industry, and similar work experience is preferred.

2.Aged between 20-35 years old, in good health, free from infectious diseases and major diseases.

3.Strong sense of responsibility, conscientiousness, willingness to endure hardship and dedication.

4.Salary: Basic salary 1800-3000 + piece rate + welfare salary

1.8-3 thousand yuan/month
delivery man


1.Serious and responsible, positive;

2.Men are preferred and can ride electric bikes.

2-3 thousand yuan/month
Tender specialist


1.Proficient in office software and general image processing software;

2.Understanding the bidding workflow will produce bidding documents;

3.Be serious and responsible for the work;

4.good communication skills

5.Work experience is preferred;

4.5-6 thousand yuan/month
Intermediate Accountant (Internship)


1.Qualified as an intermediate accountant

2.Familiar with accounting and management of industrial enterprises

3.Under 40 years old, experience is preferred

4.5-6 thousand yuan/month


1.25-40 years old, college degree or above, with more than 2 years of work experience in quality inspection (wire and cable, inspection and other majors are preferred).

2.Familiar with cable and wire production process flow and inspection standards.

3.Proficient in the inspection process of raw material inspection, process inspection and final shipment inspection of wires and cables.

4.Proficient in using various inspection tools (such as vernier calipers, micrometers, digital bridges, withstand voltage testers, insulation resistance meters, multimeters, etc.).

5.Bold and careful, strong sense of responsibility, good professional ethics, full of teamwork spirit, obey the company's arrangement.

2-3 thousand yuan/month
General workers


1.Can bear hardships and stand hard work, be active and willing to work night shifts Experience in cable industry is preferred

2.Junior high school or above, those who have been engaged in wire and cable manufacturing are preferred

3.Aged 20-35 years old, in good health, free from infectious diseases and major diseases

4.Salary: 1800 yuan for the internship period, more than 1800-4000 yuan for the internship period

1.8-4 thousand yuan/month