Kunming Kunbao Wire and Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s full information disclosure on the "Environmental Information Evaluation Report Form for Green New Energy Cable Production Line Construction Projects"

Our unit plans to build a green new energy cable production line construction project in Kunming Kunbao Wire and Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Qidian Industrial Park, Qidian Industrial Park, Yangzonghai Scenic Area, Kunming. Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - Green New Energy Cable Production Line Construction Project Environmental Impact Assessment Report Form"


Promotion and application of energy-saving aluminum alloy power cables in Suzhou

Suzhou Municipal Housing and Construction Committee News Aluminum alloy power cable is a power cable made of alloy materials formed by adding iron, rare earth and other elements to aluminum and annealed. It has been successfully used in North America for more than 30 years. It is an advanced and mature power cable. technology and products. The product has been promoted and applied in Suzhou City.


The first successful repair technology of medium voltage cross-linked cable on-site insulation water tree

National Energy Administration News On February 25th, State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company successfully used the cable insulation field repair technology for the first time in Luzhou 220kV Linzhuang Substation to achieve on-site insulation repair for 10kV running cables, marking the scene of my country's power grid cable insulation. A major breakthrough has been made in the repair technology, which provides technical support for solving the problem of insulation aging of urban distribution network cables in the future. In this cable repair technology, the silicone repair solution is injected into the cable core of the high-voltage cable under pressure, so that the repair solution chemically reacts with water, and the generated silicone resin material fills the water tree gap of the cable, thereby eliminating water trees, water trees, and water. The function of repairing cable insulation and prolonging cable life is the first time that this technology is used in China.


LS Cable successfully developed air-compressed optical composite cable

Recently, LS Cable said that it has successfully developed a new type of air-compressed optical composite cable that combines power and communication for smart grid and communication network construction, and successfully obtained overseas orders. This time, after LS Cable successfully developed 12/20kV air-compressed optical composite cables for power distribution, it signed a supply agreement worth 10 million US dollars with the Australian Electricity Authority.


Shangshang Cable successfully trial-produced 220kV ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable

A few days ago, good news came from the ultra-high voltage cable branch of Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group. The company's ultra-high voltage project has made a major breakthrough again. It has reached a new level in the field of domestic ultra-high voltage cross-linked cable production.