Service Commitment

  We promise to provide the following quality assurance and bear the corresponding legal responsibilities:

  1.The equipment provided is brand new, and in line with national quality standards, with complete formalities of relevant authorities of P.R.C. and manufacturer quality assurance certificates (or qualification certificate);

  2.The equipment provided complies with the commitments in bidding documents and the technical requirements of contracts;

  3.We guarantee the satisfaction of the entire contents of “Service commitment”.

  4.All our products fully meet the technical requirements for the bidding products; after winning the bid successfully, we will provide relevant technical information according to the engineering requirements in a timely manner.

  5.In accordance with the delivery requirements of the contract and the orders of our company, our company is capable of supplying the goods as per requirements; we guarantee that all products we provide are brand new, and in line with the latest national regulations regarding the relevant technical standards and the technical specification requirements in all procurement documents. We promise to have the goods delivered with guaranteed quality, quantity and schedules.

  6.If product quality problems occur as in the following cases, we will take full responsibilities:

  1)Product quality problems under the circumstance that users operate in the proper way;

  2)Quality problems taking place when products are not in overload operation.