Talent Concept

  Kunming Kunbao Electric Wire & Cable Making Co., Ltd., a large company, specializes in the production of wires and cables. The company has a floor area of 100 mu, total assets of 600 million yuan and more than 400 employees. It is the key backbone enterprise in the wire and cable industry of Yunnan, “Kunming Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise”, “AAA Credit Enterprise”, and “Key High-tech Enterprise”. It took the lead in being listed in the “Top 100 Sales Enterprises in the Electrical Industry” as the first “Customer Satisfaction Enterprise” in the industry. Its science and technology investments as well as the number of new products rank first in the industry. It has been ahead of peers in terms of production and sales for many consecutive years, having become a leader of the cable and wire industry. The company has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, and ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification; in addition, it has obtained the national measurement and inspection system qualification certificate.

  Our strategy on talents:

  1.People-oriented, open to talents from all directions; books about talent strategies

  2.Empower the capable ones, and reward those who are meritorious.

  3.Hire people based on competences: We do not assign a job based on qualifications and seniority; the capable ones will replace the mediocre; we advocate fair competition and survival of the fittest;

  4.Retain people through work: We implement the management based on objectives, projects and knowledge, and retain people through concrete work and facts.

  5.Touch people through feelings: We carry out the “limited staff stock option scheme”, allocating shares to staff having made significant contributions, especially senior technical developers, managers, and marketing personnel in accordance with the principle of “distribution according to work”.

  6.Know the staff and know how to delegate work to them: Arrange work based on individual strengths; personal goals are closely combined with the company’s development.