After-sales service

  Our company has a specialized service office. After receiving users’ information, we will provide quality products and service in an enthusiastic, strict, serious and responsible manner. Our promises are as follows:

  1) We will provide customers with correct model selection service, consulting service, technical guidance and other service based on customer needs.

  2) We will strive to provide sound after-sales service and win the market with quality products and attentive service. We will provide customers with products complying with the regulations of the national standards, and offer “Three Guarantees” (repair, replace or return) service. If any inadvertent quality problems occur during construction, we will offer free repair; if product quality problems occur during the period of quality assurance, we will unconditionally replace the product, and bear the corresponding loss.

  3) We conduct comprehensive inspections on products before leaving the factory according to technical agreements and provide acceptable quality certificates as well as data and information related to testing items required by the projects.

  4) Our company conducts design liaison, product supervision and other work required for production in corporation with relevant engineering staff, and tries to facilitate the work. We provide wires, cables, cable accessories, technical advices, and technical guidance for on-site installation free of charge.

  5) If you need our service, you may notify us in many different forms. After receiving your requests, we will reply you as soon as possible, and sent specialized personnel to the scene to deal with your problems. We promise that if your quality problem is not solved, our service personnel will not retreat from the scene. We are obliged to give you a satisfactory answer. Time needed to arrive at the scene: not more than 12 hours within the province, and not more than 24 hours outside the province.

  6) The quality guarantee period of our products is 12 months, and if any defects are discovered after the warranty period, our due responsibilities shall be extended for five years starting from the termination of the warranty period upon the confirmation of both parties.

  7) We will continuously follow up feedbacks from customers on product usage, and constantly improve the quality of products and service, taking best efforts to meet customer needs.

  8) The company will deliver goods to the sites designated by customers free of charge.